Presentation: Effective Devops!

In case you missed it, I'm working at a Morrocan based startup xHUB. 3 months ago we started to do what we like call "Friday Tech", which simply are small (about 30 min) presentations where xHUBers share their knowledge, experience, OS projects ... Basically everything we like to talk about.

Today was my turn to give a a Friday tech, and it turns out that it was the last presentation of this year. My talk was about Devops culture, what it is and what is it Anti-Patterns. I explained that traditional development methods just can’t keep up.

Backlogs balloon, projects are postponed, and outside consultants are brought in to meet deadlines. To break free of this cycle, we need a better way to work.

Though DevOps is not a cure-all, it’s a critical part of the answer, bringing all teams to create a streamlined system for software development and deployment. More a method than a prescription, DevOps is a collection of engineering, behavioral, and organizational practices focused on moving rapidly, safely and sustainably from idea to reality. To implement DevOps, any organization needs to make big changes — changes that impact culture, processes and people.

Well, Below are the slides ;)