DockerCon Europe 2017: Trip report

DockerCon Europe 2017 was held on October 16-18 in Copenhagen, and guess what ?! It was awesomely amazing.

This was my first time at DockerCon, I had lot of fun with my fellow Amine hakkou, learned many new things, made a list of some very cool open source projects to check, and most importantly I met many community friends.

Community leaders summit

There are more than 286 Docker meetups group worldwide, and we don't have each day the chance to meet fellow community leaders that spread the world about docker! This summit was a great opportunity to discuss some common issue we face as community leaders, share feedback, success stories and best practices. big shout out to Karen and Victor for their outstanding works supporting docker communities worldwide.


If you follow docker news you had noticed for sure that DockerCon was full of great announcements. The opening keynote was full of tools and demos about Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker Enterprise Edition. MTA is a program that aims to "help enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure.". Docker announced also that it has expanded a partnership with IBM to Address Growing Demand for the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program.

MTA was announced first time at DockerCon Austin, but during DockerCon we had a deep lock to many new features that was added. ### Docker <3 Kubernetes The best keynote announcement for me was when Solomon jumped up to stage and announced that starting from early next year, Kubernetes will be included alongside Swarm in Docker.

Perhaps the move was inevitable, as just about every organization that uses containers has jumped on the Kubernetes bandwagon, but this is for sure a healthy move for the community!

The best part

I was very lucky to met Solomon during DockerCon After party.I've started using Docker back in 2014 (Buggy days!), since then Solomon is kind of an idol for me :D We had a nostalgique discussion about docker first days, some bugs and PRs, how it quickly grows to what it is today and he even shared with some confidential litlle secrets!

The hallway track

The hallway track is "Docker Hallway Track is an innovative platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet one-on-one and share knowledge, in a structured way so you get tangible results from networking.". Is simply one-on-one session about whatever topic you like. I really loved the simplicity of it. Using the official conference app just search for a topic, or offer up a topic for discussion, meet and discuss.

My favorite session

DockerCon for sure is full of great sessions of top notch rock stars speakers. This is more of a personal choice and I know many may have other preferences, But for me is Diogo Monica's talk about securing your apps using Docker

One big community

My favorite slide of this year DockerCon was this awesome illustration!