Devoxx4Kids Morocco, a year in review!

It becomes a tradition for me to start the year with a blog post about all the amazing achievement by Devoxx4kids Morocco team leaded by the great Hanae EL BOUYOUSFI. in order to achieve their mission, which I can summarize in teaching children Computer Programming while having fun and introducing them to concepts of robotics, electronics and generally being creative with these kind of devices, the team is always eager for more challenges, and what they've done in 2017 is quite impressive. So let's have a look:

Going all the way up

Since it's foundation, we decided that Devoxx4kids MA will be accessible for everyone, everywhere. Discussing this in our warm office is something, but making it happen is a complete other thing. For that, we Went to a far away small village in Taza, called Bab Mrouj. we drove 450km, an walked another 10km in muddy swamp, using donkeys to help us transport our materials, to make difference, and teach the kids their for the first time, the basics of programming and electronics. It wasn't easy, but we we're quite happy with the result and it was THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER!

Partnership with the ministry of education

In case you missed it, we are now official partners with the Moroccan ministry of education to demystify programming for kids, introduce them to computer science and spread coding culture among our children. Devoxx4kids MA is even part of the committee that will work to design the road map of making an educational program in programming and robotics.

Devoxx4kids summer Lab

This is a dream come true, and this marked the start of a new era for Devoxx4kids team. This is a big move toward inspire not only children but also the classical education system, so they too can start including computer science in their curriculum.

Well, switching from monthly base introductory sessions to a more well structured program was not easy and quit challenging, But the team never disappoint. we held even a competition for all participant in this special lab.

Another year, another 10 cities!

Even if 2017 was quite busy for Devoxx4kids MA team, we kept our tradition by visiting a different city each month to raise awareness about the goodness of programming and teaching children the basic concepts of programming, electronic and robotics. These cities are:

Impressive, isn't ?! :D :D!

The big show

Nothing much to say here! It was the big show, with more than 100 kids and their parents during the third day of Devoxx Morocco 2017! Ah, I forget to say, I want to thank the NAO robot for his amazing speech :D

Thank you!

To wrap up this post, I want to thank all involved in this big successful year of Devoxx4Kids Morocco, especially the Team, xHUB and CIH bank!

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More to come in 2018, Stay tuned ;)