Devoxx UK 2018 trip report

This week I was so excited to:

  • Meet my friends from the java community
  • Visit Uk for the very first time!

Isn't this something to be super excited about ?! Absolutely.

Devoxx UK 2018

This is my third Devoxx, outside Morocco, that I visit. Devoxx is very special for me because (Beside the fact that I'm part of Devoxx Morocco) It gives me always the ability to see many friends and idols from the Java community, discuss about the future of java and hear from world wide speakers about latest and hottest technology trends.

I arrived to London on Tuesday after a 16 hours flight from San Francisco. I was super jet lagged and I had a broken suitcase (Thanks Swiss Airlines).

Unfortunately I missed the morning session because I couldn't manage to wake up, so basically my Devoxx UK started with Reactive Spring deep dive from Mark Heckle Covering the net-new Netty-based web runtime and Reactive capabilities of Spring 5.

Mark hazell and Holly Cummins kicked off the second day with the opening keynote where a new Voxxed was annoucend: Voxxed days banff in Canada.

After that Mark Reinhold, The java platform Chief Architect at Oracle, explained the motivations for the new six-month release cadence and highlighted very briefly what’s new and what’s ahead.

Another interesting keynote was delivered by Matthew Renze discussing practices like meditation, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. e had also explain how we can use these practices to reduce stress, improve our mental health, and increase our focus as developers.

What made Devoxx UK even more special for me, is that I attended Dr Venkat session about Kotlin. I'm a huge fan of him and his talks and watching him live on stage is a very unique experience.

I'm a huge spring fan, so I cannot afford to miss Juergen Hoeller and Josh Long sessions and BOF scheduled the day. Juergen presented some new features of Spring Framework 5.0, the functional and reactive as major programming model themes and showcased some less prominent and less commonly presented features. As for Josh, he just burned the stage with his super fast programming skills.

Another very interesting session I was looking to attend is James Strachan Groovy and Apache Camel creator, about Jenkins X, a super open source CI / CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins. I allows developers to develop at full speed with CI / CD in a cloud native way in any language on any cloud or kubernetes cluster!

Devoxx UK "Coup de coeur"

Devoxx UK organizers put a great effort this year to insure diversity in the conference. They invited the Jduchess to hold a BOF session and a diversity lunch on Friday. I just LOVE it.

Really congrats to all involved in this year's Devoxx UK for a great edition ;)