DockerCon 2018, I was there!

DockerCon, has been held last week, 12-15 June 2018 in San Francisco! and guess what?! I was there along with more than 5000 containers fans, developers, IT experts, architects, sys-admins, Docker captains and my fellow community leaders! which makes DockerCon the best place to learn, collaborate and belong!

What has been announced ?!

Not a lot actually, from a technical perspective! and we really missed Solomon's magic this year! Nonetheless, Below some of DockerCon 2018 announcements:

An impressive growth

Docker CEO and chairman Steve Singh stated that in the last year Docker has significantly grown with more than 1 million new developers and 1 million new applications, add to that more than 1 billion container downloads every two weeks. Impressive!

Docker <3 windows

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Erin Chapple, jumped on the stage announcing support for Windows Server containers in Kubernetes in Docker Enterprise Edition! A very cool demo has been shown as well. More details can be found here

##### A more easier way to build application on Docker desktop Till the near past, to start with docker you need to learn the command lines, write some Dockerfiles and compose files! During the opening keynote, Docker Product Manager, Gareth Rushgrove, demoed the new Docker Desktop GUI, a new template-based graphical user interface for Docker Desktop. The goal is obviously to welcome more newcomers by making it easier to start with docker. If you're interested, you can register for the private beta by filling this [form](, as you can read more about it [here]( ##### Federated Application Management In Docker EE The most impressive demo for me was the one highlighting the new Docker EE capabilities to manage multiple applications—on premise, in the cloud ( AWS, GCP and Azure), or across cloud-hosted Kubernetes, in a single dashboard. Here are [more details]( about it! ![](/content/images/2018/06/fed11.png)

Istio is ... everywhere!

At this year's dockercon, they were many sessions and workshops about istio, An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices. I wasn't able to attend all of them, since many of these sessions were packed and I didn't get the chance to RSVP before (Yes! This year, we had to reserve seats for sessions and workshops!). But I was lucky to make it to Zach and Lin talk. The session covered how the service-mesh helps with the transition to microservices, to adopt security best-practices and more. They also covered the state of the project and where it's heading.

I've met ...

DockerCon is the annual containers community gathering. I had actually many great discussions, meet old and new community friends and had lot of fun! The pictures below captures some very special moments, swipe left for more!

However, I have saved the best for last! This year's DockerCon highlight for me, was meeting Spring cofounder and [Atomist]( CEO [Rod Johnson](, a humble person and great man :D